Hey all,

A friend recently messaged me to ask about Lhakar. He had some questions regarding what it was and how it started. While in conversation, some interesting questions came up. I’ve decided to share two in particular because of how simple they come off. When trying to answer them, I was thrown off a bit too, but I think most people have the some confusions regarding these 2 seemingly “simple” questions. Here are the Questions and the short Answers I’ve attempted, feel free to add or correct the answers I gave.

Q. Who started Lhakar?

A. Since 2008 uprising, young Tibetans started a movement emphasizing the importance of language and culture through poetry gatherings, cultural dance performances and art. They officially dubed the movement Lhakar (White Wednesday)–Wednesday is the day HH the 14th Dalai Lama was born and also represents his “soul day”. Lha is short for Lhakpa (Wednesday)…

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