From the book Arrested Histories: Tibet, The CIA, And Memories Of A Forgotten War by Carole McGranahan

[Everything (except for the text written in brackets) written in this post including the tittle of the post are directly quoted from Carole McGranhan’s book.]

Dorje Yudon

Nyarong: Dorje Yudon’s Story

Dorje Yudon and Gyari Nyima tell their story as follows: at the time of the Chinese Communist invasion, Gyari Nyima was the head of the Gyaritsang family. He had two wives, Norzin Lhamo and Dorje Yudon, sisters from the Miloktsang family who were seven years apart in age. One day, the Chinese called the chiefs to a meeting in Kanze. At this meeting Gyari Nyima was shocked to hear that a series of democratic reforms were about to be initiated. These included political “struggle sessions” in which people were made to publicly criticize others, the establishment of communes, the elevation of common…

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