My thoughts of the possible meaning/s behind “Hoarding” by some of our elders in our community.

I remember sometime back, a Tibetan girl was telling me how the older Tibetans, the pola’s and mola’s, in our community are “kanchoos“, Hindi for “cheap, སེར་སྣ་ཅན།”. How they would rather hoard the money then to spend it on something as basic as health. She was not being vicious and said she didn’t understand why they hoarded all their money (and things) away in their small homes instead of using it to help themselves.

At the time, I didn’t know how to respond to this. I had also known elders who hoarded everything and I had also wondered why. After some time thinking about it, I thought maybe this had something to do with elders in the community having led a very poor life as new refugee’s in India…

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