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(Following is an older post. I have updated the language)

This morning I saw the news regarding the bombing that took place in Derge. According to the reports, a 32 year old man named Tashi bombed the government building that was “newly constructed to allow station officials to watch over residents of Rekpa and Wapa villages, angering the residents, according to Ngawang Sangpo, a Tibetan with contacts in the area.”

The bombing in Derge reminded me of my earlier post, “Explosion In Tibet: The Beginning of Something Great,” about the bombing that took place on the 26th of October in 2011 in Kham-Chamdo. I would like to bring readers attention back to viewing this action as possibly an attempt at sabotage and maybe even a sabotage campaign. The bombings could be viewed as clear indications of resistance and actions targeting places of oppression.

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