On Being Tibetan and a(n intersectional) Feminist

Painting by Liang Jun Yan Painting by Liang Jun Yan

Feminism isn’t about having to be a certain kind of “strong,” it’s about letting people have their own definitions of who they are and the rest of us accepting that instead of trying to get others to become “stronger” or “weaker” in accordance with how you (man or woman) want to imagine how women should be.

Tibetan women’s ideas and definitions need not have to be narrowed to put together what Tibetan women should be. Instead, we need to imagine a kind of feminism that empowers those that want to push the social boundaries, as well as accept those that are content.

What feminism means for each of us can change during one lifetime since we hardly ever remain the same individuals as we travel through time. In other words, the kind of Tibetan feminism I imagine isn’t about asking others to change or not…

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